“I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after my massage from Sonja. It’s amazing how the body can benefit from a masseuse who can work magic with her hands.” —Kiyo

“Sonja’s passion for massage and helping others really shows through in her work. The experience was not only relaxing, but she also helped me release a lot of tension. I would recommend Sonja to anyone.” —Tarron

“I thought my muscles in my left arm had been damaged permanently. I couldn’t pick things up without great pain, no matter how light. I needed a cane to be sure I wouldn’t fall. Now I lift my own groceries, walk up steps without even touching a rail. I can say you’re the best. Yours [massages] are truly therapeutic, relaxing, and you put your heart into them.” —Carol

“Gary did a fabulous job–he asked many questions to taylor the massage to my individual needs. He is very professional and has a soothing but strong touch that gets directly to the problem or area that needs to be released. I am already scheduled for another appointment and looking forward to the relief. Thank you Gary.”

“Very nice home spa environment. Gary was friendly and knowledgable with a nice mixed style.”

“I was a first time guest at the shop, and I say guest not customer because you feel like a guest there. It was a great massage and one of the best massage experiences I’ve ever had. I would recommend it for anyone!”

“The massage therapist was very inviting. The massage rooms are in their home. They are a husband and wife business. The massage rooms are tranquil. The massage was a wonderful combination of techniques, which were custom tailored to my needs.”

“Gary is great, you get a massage tailored to what you need not just a massage by rote, highly recommend.”

“We were very pleased with his technique. I came away with a major relief in my neck that is chronic. I would go back to him again. My husband was also pleased.”

“One of the BEST massages you will ever get! They know how to go after the tension, tight muscles and get rid of them.”

“Gary is thorough and truly listens to every concern and does is best to address them all! Definitely worth going back consistently.”

“Great and comfortable setting for a massage.”

“Very relaxing environment and great massage!”