Massage at the Shop

In today’s fast-paced society that presents us with hectic schedules and impossible deadlines, it is more important than ever to take time out for ourselves. Many health-conditions are directly related to either emotional or physical stress. This stress can cause muscle spasm resulting in pain and health problems. Massage helps to release the muscle spasm, and with that, it helps the body to restore itself to proper health. We specialize in the Royal Touch Massage. This consists of special deep tissue massage techniques using acupressure (an ancient Chinese form of body therapy). Through this method, we pinpoint exactly which muscles are in spasm and use the appropriate technique to release them. The massage session is tailored specifically to your needs.

We take great care in selecting the best organic oils for your massage. For Aroma Therapy we use dōTERRA Essential Oils. dōTERRA oils are Therapeutic Grade oils that we use together with organic carrier oils to enhance your massage experience.

There is no greater reward than knowing you have truly helped someone. We are very fortunate to do this with massage. When you close the door to the massage room, you also close the door to stress and problems. While you are here, there is nothing more important than your well-being and inner peace.

With best wishes to your health and well-being,